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I am pastor to believers and to doubters, to unfaithful Christians and faithful atheists. 

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Why Christianity Is Not About Being Good

I just wants people to know that God loves them. And so when it comes to religion, I want to cut through all the b.s. According to Jesus, the true God desires mercy and *not* sacrifice. When we start sacrificing and excluding others, we aren’t following God. When we treat others with mercy and love, including those we call our enemies, then we know we are doing what God desires.

My favorite things include cookies, coffee, naps, his family, the Bible, running, and mimetic theory – not necessarily in that order. Along with my second child, I am currently a purple belt in Taekwondo and I plan to punch through ten boards by next week.

Just remember, no matter what any religious person has told you, God loves you more than you will ever know.


Media Mentions

USA TODAYUSA TODAY – April 2, 2020

Is coronavirus God’s will? Jewish, Christian and Muslims leaders debate tough questions amid pandemic

Faith leaders (including Adam Ericksen) are fielding questions about whether coronavirus is God’s will, if God created it and if it’s some sort of punishment for sin.

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I love playing and watching basketball. The NBA offseason is one of my favorite parts of the NBA because I can root for my team