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Scripture: Isaiah 43:1-3 and John 5:25-29
Have you been told that God is judgmental? That God is always looking over your should and counting your sins to decide whether to condemn you to hell? God isn't like that. But God has made a judgment. It's just not condemnation. It's forgiveness. Check out this sermon for more!

This sermon series is based on Rev. Dr. Wilda Gafney’s lectionary series titled A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church. You can purchase Dr. Gafney’s lectionary series of books. I have found it to be a wonderful resource for preaching, study, and spiritual depth.

While I am the Executive Director of the Raven Foundation where we seek to heal our image of God and of ourselves, I’m also the Pastor at Clackamas United Church of Christ. You can worship with us on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel at 8:30a PT and on campus at 10:30a PT.