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How To See the Face of God

how to see the face of god

Using the example of the rivalrous brothers Jacob and Esau, Pastor Adam explains how to see the face of God.

The Heroic Witch of the Bible

The Heroic Witch of the Bible

Pastor Adam relates the biblical tale of a witch and a ghost where the heroic witch offers hospitality and compassion to her enemy, the king.

My Favorite Anti-Hero of the Bible

My Favorite Anti-Hero in the Bible

When asked by his son which book of the Bible to read first, Pastor Adam says Jonah, because he’s his favorite anti-hero in the Bible.

Deep Dive: Unlearning Christian Homophobia

This is part of my Deep Dive series into religious hot topics. For more deep dives, check out my resources page. Introduction: Unlearning Christian Homophobia Some people claim that Christians who are open and affirming of our LGBTQIA siblings are so in spite of what the Bible says. That is false. We are open and affirming […]