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Is the Devil Real?

is the devil real

Pastor Adam answers the question is the devil real by contrasting our tendency to hostility and accusation with Jesus’ commandment to love.

Deep Dive: Unlearning the Bible

unlearning the Bible

This is part of my Deep Dive series into religious hot topics. For more deep dives, check out my resources page. Introduction: The Most Important Thing You Need to Unlearn about the Bible The Bible is the highest selling book in human history. According to Wikipedia, Guinness World Record stated in 1995 that five billion […]

What does God say about transgender people?

what does god say about transgender people

A few years ago I was invited to speak at a local city council meeting for a proclamation in favor of Transgender Day of Visibility. This was the second time this proclamation has been presented to the mayor of this city, who has the sole power to grant or deny such proclamations. I was told […]