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In this episode of One Question, Pastor Adam talks with Rev. Dr. Julia Robinson Moore about the Equity in Memory and Memorial Project. Along with her husband Ricky, Julia leads the project that brings together descendants of slaves and slaveholders to reflect on their experiences. Julia talks about the successes and challenges of the project, including confronting the effects of continued racism.

Julia joins Pastor Adam as one of the plenary speakers at the 2024 Theology and Peace conference being held near Chicago. The dates of the conference are June 10-13.

Julia Robinson Moore (Ph.D., Michigan State University) joined the Department of Religious Studies at UNC Charlotte in 2005. She teaches courses in African American religion, religions of the African Diaspora, and racial violence in America.  Her first book, Race, Religion, and the Pulpit: Reverend Robert L. Bradby and the Making of Urban Detroit (2015), explores how Second Baptist Church of Detroit’s nineteenth minister became the catalyst for economic empowerment, community-building, and the formation of an urban African American working class in Detroit. Her current research project, Remembered: Enslaved Burial Grounds and the Making of the City of Charlotte, speaks to the present-day realities of enslaved cemeteries around the city of Charlotte and their connection to American Presbyterianism. In keeping with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s strategic mission to serve as an urban research center that benefits the city of Charlotte, the Equity in Memory and Memorial Project was conceived as a community-engaged-component of Remembered.  Dr. Moore also has a third research project titled, Modern Lynchings: Mimetic Theory, Christianity, and Racial Violence in the New South, which seeks to situate race as a category of analysis within mimetic theory through the study of anti-black violence and terrorism in the New South.

Books mentioned in this episode are Violence Renounced: Rene Girard, Biblical Studies and Peacemaking by Willard M. Swartley (which contains an article by Rebecca Adams) and Escaping Enemy Mode: How Our Brains Unite or Divide Us by Jim Wilder and Ray Woolridge.

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