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Year B, Lent III

Scripture - Joshua 6:15-25 and Mark 7:24-30

The sermon reflects on the events of January 6th in Washington DC, particularly the involvement of groups like the Jericho March, who protested the 2020 election results based on claims of fraud perpetuated by Donald Trump. The sermon critiques the influence of Trump's falsehoods and highlights the dangerous blend of religious fanaticism and political deceit seen in Christian Nationalism. Drawing from the biblical story of Joshua's conquest of Jericho, the sermon points out the disparity between the violent imagery of the conquest narrative and the nonviolent message of Jesus. It emphasizes Jesus' teachings of love and inclusion, contrasting them with the violent conquest narrative, and urges Christians to follow the path of love rather than seeking power over others.

While the Executive Director of the Raven Foundation where we seek to heal our image of God and of ourselves, I'm also the Pastor at Clackamas United Church of Christ. You can worship with us on our Facebook Page and YouTube channel at 8:30 PT and on campus at 10:30 PT.